Shoe Porn

Friday, 15 November 2013

We went into town today aiming to get another set of clothes for the gym and to check out some sales. We came home with a new set of knives, a set of gym clothes, and shoes to go with the wedding dress.

Originally we entered the store as I saw a nice style of shoes which I thought were white, though on closer inspection were pale pink. After being called possibly colorblind by Ricky we had a look around and found shoes which I had been eyeing off since they were brought out a year ago.

Ellie Nude | Betts

I was explaining only last night how upset I was about the Betts website no longer stocking these shoes, and how another pair of shoes I also really liked are no longer being sold by Light In The Box. When we saw that our local Betts still stocked these shoes, we weren't about to wait and lose the opportunity to buy them.

Below are some of the other shoes that I found absolutely lovely while searching for the style of shoes would suit the day.
Ivory peep-toe pumps | Were stocked by Light in the Box

"Fling" Silver Satin | Verali

Another decision down, and another step closer to actually getting married.