Bridal Magazines

Saturday, 15 February 2014

One of the recent posts by Offbeat Bride was about a Youtube video The Crooked Rooks made regarding bridal magazines. It's quite a good watch and shows how easily it is to fall into the "wedding trap".

Bridal magazines, for me, were great to get the ball rolling though once we got started felt like they were putting expectations on a wedding, for matters that should only matter to the couple. Now I tend to use Pinterest to post ideas and Offbeat Bride for the planning side.

For anyone that is currently planning, or has already had their wedding, what helped you pull through the "wedding expectations" that the industry seems to have?

Ceremony Location and Flowers

Sunday, 2 February 2014

We had our second meeting with Neil from Casa Blanca Function Centre, here we organised a rough idea of the room setup and even organised our centrepieces. They are absolutely gorgeous! We are allowed to have artificial plants in the room, so we are hoping to find some really beautiful ones to help bring some greenery to the night.

We have also organised our ceremony location, and confirmed our ceremony time. We started looking through the book Oriel has given us to assist with our ceremony wording last night, there are so many options to look through! Not to mention I still want to work in a personalised passage. Just got to keep remembering that there is still time, and there is no need to stress.

To top it all off we have booked Special Occasions to do our bouquets, with the below inspiration to make 2 beautiful flower arrangements.

Singapore Orchids Teardrop Bouquet
Source: QFlowers

Purple, magenta and plum hues bouquet
Source:  Karen Tran Florals

Blue orchids
Source: HDPaperWall

Next on the agenda: Catering, cake, wedding rings, and the groom's suit.