Shoe Porn

Friday, 15 November 2013

We went into town today aiming to get another set of clothes for the gym and to check out some sales. We came home with a new set of knives, a set of gym clothes, and shoes to go with the wedding dress.

Originally we entered the store as I saw a nice style of shoes which I thought were white, though on closer inspection were pale pink. After being called possibly colorblind by Ricky we had a look around and found shoes which I had been eyeing off since they were brought out a year ago.

Ellie Nude | Betts

I was explaining only last night how upset I was about the Betts website no longer stocking these shoes, and how another pair of shoes I also really liked are no longer being sold by Light In The Box. When we saw that our local Betts still stocked these shoes, we weren't about to wait and lose the opportunity to buy them.

Below are some of the other shoes that I found absolutely lovely while searching for the style of shoes would suit the day.
Ivory peep-toe pumps | Were stocked by Light in the Box

"Fling" Silver Satin | Verali

Another decision down, and another step closer to actually getting married.

Bridal Dresses Chosen!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Last Thursday and Friday we visited a selection of bridal shops. During the fittings my sister (bridesmaid) and Ricky (fiancé) were the voices of opinion, with the ever helpful sale ladies.

We went to Brides Selection first, after taking at least one wrong turn to get there. Here I found out that dresses can be really heavy, and hot for that matter! After trying on many of the beautiful selection of gowns they have, I walked out of the appointment with two possible dresses that I liked from the salon.

Not yet convinced on either of them we proceeded to have a look at their bridesmaid selection before getting some lunch. My sister tried on a couple of dresses and found Courtney by Mr K, which looks absolutely gorgeous on her. After debating the colour choice, being either Regal (sister's choice) or Purple (my choice), we chose purple. Just hoping it looks as beautiful on her as the Cosmos did.
Courtney by Mr K

After some lunch we headed over to Dion for Brides and had a look through their selection. Dion for Brides was a lot more formal in their store layout, as with their attitude towards the dresses, though the staff were helpful and understanding.

We had a look through their style book and discussed with the staff what type of dresses I was interested in, even though the style book dresses were out of our budget. After trying on another selection of dresses, during which finding some really beautiful gowns. One of the last dresses I tried on I absolutely loved, with everyone complimenting me and the dress!

Not wanting to buy anything without having time to think on it, and having one more bridal salon to visit the next day, we took down the name of the dress and headed back to our accommodation. That night all I could think and talk about was the dress at Dion for Brides.

On Friday we visited Bridal by Aubrey Rose, who had some beautiful dresses, though none that I felt topped the one from the afternoon beforehand. I tried on approximately five dresses, and spent roughly fifteen minutes at the salon. Feeling bad for spending the sale consultants time, we bid farewell and revisited Dion for Brides.

Upon revisiting I tried on the dress again to ensure it is what I remembered it to be. As soon as I looked in the mirror I knew it was what I definitely wanted and the bridal party agreed. Before leaving I also chose a veil and even a tiara! With my sister's help of course.

I never understood the whole "feel like a princess" in a beautiful dress, until I tried on that dress. Now I can't wait to spend most of a day in it!

It Comes Together

Sunday, 13 October 2013

After much time between getting planning stages and indecision, it is finally starting to come together.

On the 24th of August we booked the Casa Blanca Function Centre as our reception venue. We chose the intermediate wedding package offered, and due to the amount of people we are inviting the venue operators are throwing some extras from the higher end package into the setup.

In the last 6 months we have looked into many photographers, some that didn't fit in our price bracket, and some that didn't offer what we were looking for.
Recently, through some asking around, we found Kirsty-Anne Purcell Photography who is just starting out in the wedding scene. We have booked our engagement shoot with Kirsty-Anne, as with our wedding, and very much look forward to working with her to create captured memories of this important event in our lives.

Bride and Groom Portrait. Captured by Kirsty-Anne Photography
Bride and Groom Portrait
Photographer: Kirsty-Anne Purcell Photography

To top it all off we will be visiting some bridal studios in the next couple of weeks, here we will have a look at bridal attire for myself (the bride), the bridesmaid, and different suit styles for the men.

Also, keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox and social network inbox in the next week, you may just find a little something for you within.

Choosing a Venue

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Since the post in February, we have viewed two venues and looked at the possibility of getting married overseas. The overseas option we aren't too fond of, due to already having such a small amount of people on our guest list and not wanting to miss out the opportunity of having those people attend. Due to this we narrowed down the selections in town and booked some viewings, see the breakdown of the two venues below.

Geraldton Surf Life Saving Club Function Centre
Contact Ph: 08 9921 3403

The hire of the Surf Club includes full use of upstairs function room, upstairs kitchen, upstairs toilet facilities, outdoor balcony area, downstairs toilet facilities, lift and inventory items of the function centre. It is located off of Willcock Drive in Mahomets, Geraldton, has the beach just past the balcony and has a fantastic view in the evening.

The atmosphere of the venue is nice, and the kitchen facilities are great. All set up and set down are all up to the person hiring the venue, and all tablecloths, chair covers, and any other decoration assortments are not provided by the function centre. The cost for the function centre is reasonable, though the added cost of the hire and help for setting up makes up for the difference.

Casa Blanca Function Centre
Contact Ph: 08 9964 2472

The minimum wedding hire of the Casa Blanca Function Centre includes hall hire, wishing well, tablecloths, half chair covers & bows, ceiling decorations (not incl. fairy lights), use of kitchen - heating facilities, hall & table set-up, and basic inventory. It is located on Eighth Street in Wonthella, Geraldton, has a beautiful entrance and a bar facility available.

The atmosphere of the function centre is cozy, and the couple who runs the centre are pleasant and easy to get along with. Depending on which wedding package you choose, you can also have access to a D.J. and full pack down of the venue would be done by the venue operators. The cost for the function centre is reasonable, considering they do the hard work required on the day.


Ricky and I are both fond on the Casa Blanca Function Centre at this point in time, we will give it some thought, though I think it may be our choice of venue.

Now just to decide what we are going to do with our ceremony, and send out save the dates...

Time to Start Bookings

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

It has been quite a few months since Ricky and I have focused on our wedding plans. Not to mention the end of year hectic schedule, though I also think that we began to have too many options in who to start asking for quotes in some areas and didn't want to deal with it.

We silently decided to take a break, until the planning really needed to be started. The pre-12 month mark is approaching and some vendors that I have asked quotes on before have started sending us emails, asking if we would like some more information or have made decisions. Unfortunately the ones that have emailed, we can't give an answer to yet, as they rely on trying dresses on and making a rough schedule for deciding times for photographers.

Though today, things started to change for the better, Mum got me a Wedding Planner. I've been using Google Docs to record everything but the planner makes it feel like it's finally starting to go somewhere. I think it's the fact that it's being put onto paper and doesn't feel like some fairy tale any more.

Time to start making plans to organise viewings of venues!