Finding a Theme

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Looking more into inspiration with something to give us some ideas, I started thinking about a theme we could base the wedding around. I looked at all the ones listed on the wedding sites I have found and none of them really caught my eye. While Ricky and I were discussing certain aspects of the wedding that we have wanted from the beginning, I realised that we should go along with a video game style theme.
I thought this is a great opportunity for Ricky and I to express who we are and create our own integration of the theme.

Some of the sites I found to encourage inspiration along the path include:
The Drunken Moogle - The Drunken Moogle has many cocktails based on games, series and awesome movies. If we were to have alcohol at the wedding we could use some cocktails from here.
HyperComboFinish - A blog with how a couple used the video game theme in their wedding.
Cake inspiration - Video Game CakesMore Video Game Cakes, Geeky cakes

There are more out there, though I haven't found them yet or they aren't covering the areas we are after. Keep in mind this theme doesn't mean the whole feeling of the wedding is going to change, it is just that we will have a part of our hobbies involved with what is one of the biggest days of our lives.

XKCD Inspired Cake
XKCD Inspired Cake. Source: Pink Cake Box

Aiding in Inspiration

Monday, 23 April 2012

I was trying to get some inspiration of what setting the wedding should be in, so I starting playing around with making an inspiration board. With an hour or two of playing around with it I realised I had the invitation for Pinterest in my inbox.

I under estimated the site due to the hype that was being made about it. It is good to keep images of what you want for the event and be able to link back to the original vendor to buy it later. The best thing about PInterest is that it can be used for more than one event and interest.
Using this virtual inspiration board I have been able to build a better picture of how the colours can blend together and how the shapes work together. Ricky and I have gone through some changes so far, though the colour scheme (Blue, Green, Silver) has stayed the same.

For the flowers we are going to use the following bouquet's as inspiration for ours. At the current time we have decided on fake flowers, the type depending on availability and cost.
Bouquet of blue orchids and green Spider Mums. Cream roses add a beautiful contrast to the cool greens and blues.
Bouquet of blue orchids and green Spider Mums.
Cream roses add a beautiful contrast to the cool greens and blues.
Source: Bouquet Wedding Flower.

Bouquet - white tulips, light and dark blue hydrangea, white mini callas, white stock, blue delphinium and blue triteleia.
Bouquet - white tulips, light and dark blue hydrangea,
white mini callas, white stock, blue delphinium and blue triteleia.
Source: Bouquet Wedding Flower.

Searching for the Bride's dress

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Bride's dress, also known as the wedding dress has got to be the most difficult clothing to decide on. Considering I change my mind on style quite a lot, it makes it harder for me to find something I like. An example of this is when Ricky and I were looking at engagement rings; originally I didn't like the princess cut, then one day that is all I wanted. When making choices a person has to take into account that their taste of style will change over time, you want something that you won't regret buying or wearing down the track.

When I started looking, the first site I found with many resources was The Knot. The Knot has many planning ideas and tips, as well as a gallery called Dresses & Fashion. This gallery has all different types of wedding dress shapes, from A-line to Princess. A business I found that also helped me when choosing the dress designs was Australian Designer Bridal and Formal.

Going through many different styles I have decided that the A-line and Ball Gown are more what I see myself wearing. While searching, I discovered my hatred for lace on dresses, it makes me think that the person is wearing a curtain, and the train, all I see it as is a way for your dress to be ruined by the ground. Though not all is bad, as I discovered my love for ruffles.
A-Line strapless wedding gown with criss-cross torso, ruffle style and embroidery.
Australian Made Wedding Gown (Source: Unknown)
Above: I love the way the dress bunches up to the clip at the hip and the detail the breast has. The embroidery with the criss-cross material makes it seem elegant. The only modification I would have is to make sure it is lace up and remove the train.

Below: I love the colour contrast, though if I used this style I am thinking of getting the colour of the material up the top as white. The lace would be removed and the butterfly embroidery is currently undecided on. I love the ruffles they have incorporated in with the gown and the way it melds together. The detail over the gown and the flowers also adds to the appeal.
These were, unfortunately, the best photos of the dress I could find. One of the photos had a watermark on which someone has tried to remove it and did so badly, there are no original copies of it that I could find.
Lilac White Dress
Lilac and White Dress (Source: Unknown)
Lilac and White Dress Back (Source: Unknown)
With these styles in mind as my current choices, I am still yet to try on any dresses. With the wedding planned for 2014, I want to try on the dresses early/mid next year and order it then. I will keep this updated with the decision I choose on the dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

When first looking for styles of dresses I had no idea what to look for. I have never had envisioned any "fantasies" about weddings when I was younger, having never been to one and would rather learn about the world around me than create and design, I had no direction of what style I wanted. Not knowing the style of the wedding or colours and wanting to jump right in and look at styles, lets say it didn't make it easy. While searching for ideas I came across The Dessy Group, this site became an area of inspiration for me.

The styles to choose from with the range of colours helped me develop more direction and get some ideas. While consulting with Ricky and Jessica (sister and bridesmaid), we agreed upon Shamrock (shade of green) for the dresses.

The colour design for the bridesmaid dresses comes from The Dessy Group: After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553. With the main colour being 'Shamrock' and any highlights 'Apple Slice'.
After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553 in Green
After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553 (Source: The Dessy Group)
When choosing the style, I went searching for a few that had the rough idea of what I thought would work and came across quite a few, including the design above. Having more than one bridesmaid, I wanted the individual to show who they are, while still staying in theme. I gathered some of the designs I have found and showed them what I was after, leaving the option open for the ladies to suggest some designs of their own once they have seen what I was after. To my amazement both of the ladies chose the below design, which we will need to  add some accessories to, as we plan to have the wedding during late Winter. I don't remember where I got this design from, though it can be found at Zhahau Tiansong Trade Co. Ltd.
Pleated Bow Flounce Hem Party Dress in Red
Pleated Bow Flounce Hem Party Dress
(Source: Zhahua Tiansong Trade Co. Ltd.)
At the current time the colour scheme is Green, Blue and Silver. Though this is subject to change depending on what ideas we find during the next 6 months.

The Beginning

Monday, 2 April 2012

Ricky and I started dating in August 2006, meeting through the TAFE course we were both doing. Not too long afterwards we lived under the same roof and in January 2011 we got our first rental together.

The ring was made at Leon Bakers Jewellers from a design I found in a brochure. We bought it on the 16th of May 2011 intending to put it away until Ricky was ready to ask the question. When I finished work at the end of July, any plans Ricky had for a proposal at home became troublesome, as I now spent my day activities at home.

On the evening of August the 5th I asked Ricky what he was going to do if I hadn’t finished work earlier than the contract had said it would, he then replied “I would have laid a trail of candles from the front door to the bedroom, then something romantic from there.” I then commented in my excitement and anticipation I would most likely knock at least one of those candles over, causing a mess or setting the place on fire. Ricky stated how that is a likely situation as I am a clutz, resulting in him getting hit.

We went into the bedroom and got out the ring, sitting on the bed we opened the box to have a look at it. Ricky picked it up and went to put it on my finger, I stated as he did so “There are meant to be some words to go along with it,” in which he replied “There you go.” Laughing I stated that those aren't the words, Ricky became nervous, which I thought was cute, he then asked the big four words, “Will you marry me?” To which I said “Yes!”.

Custom Made Engagement Ring: Feature Princess cut diamond in 4 claw setting. 10x Round cut diamond in channel setting. 18K Yellow Gold Band.
18K Yellow Gold, Platinum setting

Caerimonia Amoris, Latin for Ceremony of Love.