Follow-Up: Photography Considerations

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

After writing the previous post Photography Considerations, I continued reading up on wedding photography and found some interesting blog articles. All upcoming couples getting married should take a look through these to get a better understanding of the industry they are hiring, photography requires passion, creativity and patience.

Wedding Photographers Deserve Our Respect.
A good read for brides to get a better idea of wedding photography. It make's you realise that even though you have a list, list the non-common or special "must-have" moments and try to keep the list short. The photographers are professionals and have done this many times before. Give the photographer freedom to shoot what they see as unique moments, as photography is an expression of art after all.
Zack gives a great example of the work required doing weddings in his blog entry; "I figure the only harder job in photography is war photography because you have to do your job with bullets whizzing past your head".

As Darren Rowse states in his blog entry 21 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers; "Weddings are about celebrating – they should be fun." Organising and setting up posed shots all day doesn't encompass the atmosphere of the event, nor does a moment that did not go exactly as planned mean it's ruined.
Take the day as it goes and trust the professional. If the budget allows hire a photography team of two to capture the event, this will lead to a bigger range of shots to tell the story of the day.

My personal favourite are photojournalism style shoots (in colour) with a minimal amount of planned shots. If you have any tips or links to add to this, we'd love to read them in the comments below.
Wedding party enjoying themselves. Captured by Andrew Noble Photography.
Photographer: Andrew Noble Photography.