Choosing a centrepiece

Friday, 28 September 2012

When choosing a centrepiece you can do many things, expanding the theme, expressing yourselves as a couple, or even just adding some more lighting. Whatever you and your partner choose, ensure that you enjoy looking at it, as it is one of the main decorations of the evening.

Centrepiece | Bulb vase, submersed flowers and lighting.
Source: Flowers In Love.
Centrepiece | "Interest" jar and tables named after different sci-fi vessels from Firefly‘s Serenity to Mass Effect‘s Normandy.
Source: When Geeks Wed.
Centrepiece | DIY Urban Loft Tablescape with purple.
Source: Joyful Weddings and Events.
Centrepiece | Botanical Garden candles and mini pot plant.
Source: Pink Frosting.

Centrepiece | DIY Water Balloon Luminaries.
Alternatively you could skip centrepieces all together and use the entrée or even the guest's cake portions as the separator for the table!

Have a centrepiece idea you would like to share? Tell us in the comments!