Save the Date

Saturday, 3 May 2014

We are currently working on our invitations, which is slowly making progress. Though in the meanwhile, here is our Save the Date. We originally had a purple background, though we didn't like it so we changed it up.

Our progress from the last entry:
  • We have booked the cake with My Sweet Delights
  • Organised my wedding ring with Leon Baker Jewellers
  • Found some rings the Ricky likes at Michael Hill
  • Booked a date for the wedding dress fitting and alterations, and to go shopping for Ricky's suit
  • Completed the bouquet designs (for another post...)

An extra image, the shoes chosen for the day; now to learn how to walk in heels successfully (without breaking my ankles) and stop slipping out of the back of the shoes...
Ellie Nude | Betts