Finding a Theme

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Looking more into inspiration with something to give us some ideas, I started thinking about a theme we could base the wedding around. I looked at all the ones listed on the wedding sites I have found and none of them really caught my eye. While Ricky and I were discussing certain aspects of the wedding that we have wanted from the beginning, I realised that we should go along with a video game style theme.
I thought this is a great opportunity for Ricky and I to express who we are and create our own integration of the theme.

Some of the sites I found to encourage inspiration along the path include:
The Drunken Moogle - The Drunken Moogle has many cocktails based on games, series and awesome movies. If we were to have alcohol at the wedding we could use some cocktails from here.
HyperComboFinish - A blog with how a couple used the video game theme in their wedding.
Cake inspiration - Video Game CakesMore Video Game Cakes, Geeky cakes

There are more out there, though I haven't found them yet or they aren't covering the areas we are after. Keep in mind this theme doesn't mean the whole feeling of the wedding is going to change, it is just that we will have a part of our hobbies involved with what is one of the biggest days of our lives.

XKCD Inspired Cake
XKCD Inspired Cake. Source: Pink Cake Box