The Beginning

Monday, 2 April 2012

Ricky and I started dating in August 2006, meeting through the TAFE course we were both doing. Not too long afterwards we lived under the same roof and in January 2011 we got our first rental together.

The ring was made at Leon Bakers Jewellers from a design I found in a brochure. We bought it on the 16th of May 2011 intending to put it away until Ricky was ready to ask the question. When I finished work at the end of July, any plans Ricky had for a proposal at home became troublesome, as I now spent my day activities at home.

On the evening of August the 5th I asked Ricky what he was going to do if I hadn’t finished work earlier than the contract had said it would, he then replied “I would have laid a trail of candles from the front door to the bedroom, then something romantic from there.” I then commented in my excitement and anticipation I would most likely knock at least one of those candles over, causing a mess or setting the place on fire. Ricky stated how that is a likely situation as I am a clutz, resulting in him getting hit.

We went into the bedroom and got out the ring, sitting on the bed we opened the box to have a look at it. Ricky picked it up and went to put it on my finger, I stated as he did so “There are meant to be some words to go along with it,” in which he replied “There you go.” Laughing I stated that those aren't the words, Ricky became nervous, which I thought was cute, he then asked the big four words, “Will you marry me?” To which I said “Yes!”.

Custom Made Engagement Ring: Feature Princess cut diamond in 4 claw setting. 10x Round cut diamond in channel setting. 18K Yellow Gold Band.
18K Yellow Gold, Platinum setting

Caerimonia Amoris, Latin for Ceremony of Love.