Bridesmaid Dresses

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

When first looking for styles of dresses I had no idea what to look for. I have never had envisioned any "fantasies" about weddings when I was younger, having never been to one and would rather learn about the world around me than create and design, I had no direction of what style I wanted. Not knowing the style of the wedding or colours and wanting to jump right in and look at styles, lets say it didn't make it easy. While searching for ideas I came across The Dessy Group, this site became an area of inspiration for me.

The styles to choose from with the range of colours helped me develop more direction and get some ideas. While consulting with Ricky and Jessica (sister and bridesmaid), we agreed upon Shamrock (shade of green) for the dresses.

The colour design for the bridesmaid dresses comes from The Dessy Group: After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553. With the main colour being 'Shamrock' and any highlights 'Apple Slice'.
After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553 in Green
After Six Bridesmaid Style 6553 (Source: The Dessy Group)
When choosing the style, I went searching for a few that had the rough idea of what I thought would work and came across quite a few, including the design above. Having more than one bridesmaid, I wanted the individual to show who they are, while still staying in theme. I gathered some of the designs I have found and showed them what I was after, leaving the option open for the ladies to suggest some designs of their own once they have seen what I was after. To my amazement both of the ladies chose the below design, which we will need to  add some accessories to, as we plan to have the wedding during late Winter. I don't remember where I got this design from, though it can be found at Zhahau Tiansong Trade Co. Ltd.
Pleated Bow Flounce Hem Party Dress in Red
Pleated Bow Flounce Hem Party Dress
(Source: Zhahua Tiansong Trade Co. Ltd.)
At the current time the colour scheme is Green, Blue and Silver. Though this is subject to change depending on what ideas we find during the next 6 months.