Searching for the Bride's dress

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Bride's dress, also known as the wedding dress has got to be the most difficult clothing to decide on. Considering I change my mind on style quite a lot, it makes it harder for me to find something I like. An example of this is when Ricky and I were looking at engagement rings; originally I didn't like the princess cut, then one day that is all I wanted. When making choices a person has to take into account that their taste of style will change over time, you want something that you won't regret buying or wearing down the track.

When I started looking, the first site I found with many resources was The Knot. The Knot has many planning ideas and tips, as well as a gallery called Dresses & Fashion. This gallery has all different types of wedding dress shapes, from A-line to Princess. A business I found that also helped me when choosing the dress designs was Australian Designer Bridal and Formal.

Going through many different styles I have decided that the A-line and Ball Gown are more what I see myself wearing. While searching, I discovered my hatred for lace on dresses, it makes me think that the person is wearing a curtain, and the train, all I see it as is a way for your dress to be ruined by the ground. Though not all is bad, as I discovered my love for ruffles.
A-Line strapless wedding gown with criss-cross torso, ruffle style and embroidery.
Australian Made Wedding Gown (Source: Unknown)
Above: I love the way the dress bunches up to the clip at the hip and the detail the breast has. The embroidery with the criss-cross material makes it seem elegant. The only modification I would have is to make sure it is lace up and remove the train.

Below: I love the colour contrast, though if I used this style I am thinking of getting the colour of the material up the top as white. The lace would be removed and the butterfly embroidery is currently undecided on. I love the ruffles they have incorporated in with the gown and the way it melds together. The detail over the gown and the flowers also adds to the appeal.
These were, unfortunately, the best photos of the dress I could find. One of the photos had a watermark on which someone has tried to remove it and did so badly, there are no original copies of it that I could find.
Lilac White Dress
Lilac and White Dress (Source: Unknown)
Lilac and White Dress Back (Source: Unknown)
With these styles in mind as my current choices, I am still yet to try on any dresses. With the wedding planned for 2014, I want to try on the dresses early/mid next year and order it then. I will keep this updated with the decision I choose on the dress.